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Adobe Flex : Zoom|Pan Interface Guide

I have been trying to mess around with the FIG for Zoom|Pan from Adobe, but unfortunately it has been very closely tied with the ImageViewer custom component and trying to making it to work generally for Containers or UIComponents has proven to be more of an effort than I have can afford on the current project. I have therefore been forced to abandon using the FIG and just write it in the good-old-fashioned style.

Why they have tied it so closely to Bitmap viewing beats me, so I think I will have to go with PV3D next time I need this (I still need to be more clever about PV3D before such an effort can be handled in a sustainable fashion).

One thought on “Adobe Flex : Zoom|Pan Interface Guide

  1. I have managed to make it receive an UIComponent, pan and zoom it propoerly.I messed up the code with these modifications, so now i’m going to reorganize it.I could use some advice, as I am not an experienced OO or component developer. Mail me at

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