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PureMVC & Cairngorm (1)

We have recently been blessed with a couple of very skilled PureMVC oriented developers. Seeing that we have traditionally been a distinctive Cairngorm company, this was naturally an issue we needed to address… however, upon considering the options we came to the conclusion that there were no apparent reasons why our specific implementation of the Cairngorm framework could not coexist happily side-by-side with PureMVC. A number of apparent conflicts based on the various singleton’s would have to be solved, but seeing that we have abandoned the singleton FrontController’s and ModelLocator’s in both frameworks all we had to do was to hook the PureMVC Facade and our custom Cairngorm EventBroadcaster together so our events being dispatched in one place will be delegated to the other place.
What we eventually end up with is a Hybrid which is based on Cairngorm but 100% faciliates PureMVC-based code and it seems to work without any major issues.

This is the first of what will become a number of posts I will be making about our experiences in taking a 1300+ Class large system based on Cairngorm and adding PureMVC to it.

2 thoughts on “PureMVC & Cairngorm (1)

    1. You should be able to find samples and documentation on the PureMVC website, in general PureMVC is very well documented so you should be able to find something that would help you there.

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