Be your own toolsmith and instrument your applications

Any craftsman is only as good as his or hers tools allow him to be. I am not saying that a poor craftsman will become great with good tools, but a great craftsman will become poor if the tools does not match the skillset of the craftsman.
Historically I have always been a relentless early adopter in regards to programming languages and platforms, I have therefore often lacked proper toolsupport in order for me to accomplish working with the new technology and still remaining highly productive. It has thus become as a second nature for me to instrument the systems I work on with build-in highlevel tools to aid development.

I never thought about this consciously until I read Dave Colletas article about some tools they have build into Buzzword in order to debug the application.
His article made me think that its perhaps not as widely an adopted technique than I was walking around thinking.

Check it out…

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