dotNet : Other New Technologies

There were two CTP releases recently of technology that don’t directly focus on web services but you might find that they make developing services easier.

The first technology is called Velocity. Velocity is a platform for building distributed caches to make it easier to develop highly-scalable applications. There are some included samples for using Velocity with ASP.NET applications but you can reuse the platform in a variety of ways.

Microsoft Project Code Named “Velocity” Community Technology Preview 1 (CTP1)

The second technology is called Task Parallel Library and PLINQ. There are a set of parallel extensions for writing query and iteration expressions that automatically take advantage of the data and task parallelism present in high-level programming constructs.

Microsoft Parallel Extensions to .NET Framework 3.5, June 2008 Community Technology Preview

You can get several videos about these parallel extensions on Channel 9 as well.
* Joe Duffy and Igor Ostrovsky: Parallel LINQ under the hood
* Joe Duffy, Huseyin Yildiz, Daan Leijen, Stephen Toub – Parallel Extensions: Inside the Task Parallel
* Inside Parallel Extensions for .NET 2008 CTP Part 1
* Inside Parallel Extensions for .NET 2008 CTP Part 2

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