HelloGroup is proud to announce their new website !?

HelloGroup has today launched their new long awaited new website !


The site proves to show that we are so busy servicing our esteemed clients and building some of the best and innovative websites for them, that we don’t have time to create our own website.

Anyways, there is really not that much more I can say about that.
…except that the videos are fun to watch for us the employees seeing that we are in them.

However, I’m not sure who to compare us with based on the web-experience we give our customers, potential customers and the occasional spurious visitor… not to mention potential employees who, if they are any good, would want to work for the best of breed among media-houses in Scandinavia.

Why based on WordPress, why that boring graphical design, why all the strange colors and quite poor lighting on the videos, why videos hosted at youtube, why the outdated functionality, why the many violations of every gestalt rule in the book… why ohhh why…

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