Synergy working with Microsoft Windows Vista

There has been a lot of discussion about getting the 2 year old release of Synergy, which at the moment is the latest release, to work on Vista OS. The very old release could be indicating that there would likely be problems getting the darn thing to work with Windows “Trouplemaker” Vista.
However, due to the low-tech techniques used by Synergy (TCP over IP) there are no problems if you run the Synergy process with local administrator privileges.

This is good news, because at current Synergy is still the only one to support all platforms (Some setup issues with Leopard which are solvable).

However, despite the latest release being from 2006, it appears that the lead-dev behind the application is planning a new release during 2008.

Check it out if you are interested in a Software based KVM switch which works with any machine supporting TCP over IP.

One thought on “Synergy working with Microsoft Windows Vista

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