AXIS IP Cameras SWF Streams are not loadable with recent Flash Players

Due to changes in the security settings of the Flash Player Platform its not possible to view SWF streams from AXIS IP cameras with Flash players later than Flash Player 7 effectively preventing anyone from using the build-in SWF streams of the AXIS IP cameras as is.

I therefore uninstalled my Flash Player 9, installed Flash Player 7 and then, voila… no problem loading the SWF’s directly from the cameras 🙂

Nevertheless, since the cameras are NOT shipped with a crossdomain file, and therefore does not allow the SWF to be loaded from other domains than the camera itself, there is no other option than to get a crossdomain file into the camera’s webserver’s root.
Unfortunately did a quick examination of AXIS’s Management Software for their cameras not indicate that it would be possible to access the filesystem on the camera. However, after registering that the there was a FTP server on the camera, i quickly connected through FTP and could easily browse, however I could still not write a file – so only read-access.

However, the AXIS Custom Firmware Tool allows for this, but unfortunately “AXIS Custom Firmware Tool is exclusively available for members of the Axis ADP Program”.

Therefore, I’m gonna do five things now.

1. Examine the Management Tool to see if there is an undocumented way to get access to the filesystem of the Cameras.
2. Examine if there is alternative way to access the filesystem.
3. Apply for membership of the AXIS Application Development Partner (ADP) Program.
4. Ask the vendor providing the cameras here in Denmark to add a crossdomain file to the image.
5. Ask AXIS customer support if they are planning Firmware updates addressing this issue.

7 thoughts on “AXIS IP Cameras SWF Streams are not loadable with recent Flash Players

  1. Have you found the swf stream to be reliable? I’m having issues with it just stopping every few minutes on my PTZ213. This cam allows custom pages in certain subdirectories, so this is how we get around cross-domain… just ftp the custom swf page to /usr/html/local/viewer. Maybe your camera doesn’t allow this. Anyway, contact me about customizing pages for these cams, I’d like to compare notesEd

  2. I have tried FTP’ing to the camera, but I get only Read access, not write.I can upload to the viewer subdirectory, but the problem with the crossdomain file is that it has to reside in the root of the website, so uploading to viewer unfortunately doesn’t solve my issue.what is the structure of the URL your using ?Mine is http://%5Badress_to_cam%5D/mjpg/video.swf and it doesn’t allow for addition of “viewer” anywhere.

  3. Hi,

    I’ve been investigating the video.swf as a solution to the problem Firefox has with the AXIS control, eating bandwidth even when the tab is closed.

    We’re having similar problems, being able to view the SWF by browsing directly to the camera but not when embedding the SWF into our website. It seemed an ideal workaround to the above problem as I had tested it and the bandwidth usage seemed minimal in comparison.

    I’m going to start looking into this crossdomain file next week, have you got any further with this in the mean time?


  4. I’ am working on a project for 1000 network cameras streaming in MJPEG format and i am looking for the real time transcoding solution to FLASH SWF.

    Please advise.

    1. 2 Abiosys
      AFAIK there is only one satisfactory solution: new AXIS cams(h264 ready) streaming through Wowza media server.
      You can see example (AXIS q1755, 1280×720 25fps) there: http://http://video.untc.net/euro-2012/?lang=en

      The very first step of the way is described there: http://www.wowzamedia.com/forums/showthread.php?t=4403&highlight=axis

      This way doesn’t need transcoding,- only muxing, therefore you can restream more then 10 cams with your office Dual Core PC

  5. did you ever get this figured out? I am attempting to stream cross-domain (enterprise-internal) to a flash client now, and cannot get the stream to load no matter what I try. I’m using as3, have attempted everything I can think of (delivery my rstp, rstp over http, etc) but I can’t get around the sandbox viloation. I’d really like to get this video delivery into flash and out of quicktime.

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