”My Home” in the semi-finals for Adobe MAX Awards 2008 ! (2)

I have just been informed that “My Home – Your Intelligent Home” has been selected as a semi-finalist in the Adobe MAX Awards 2008 competition !

In close competition with hundreds of other applications from all over the world, the judging panel has selected My Home to participate with a few other selected applications about becoming this year’s best products build on Adobe technologies.

It actually came as a surprise to the team that they actually selected My Home at this point, seeing that we are about to launch a major update with a completely new look, loads of new cool features as well as having given the entire application a massive overhaul in regards to improving performance… all things that will NOT be available online until after the 1st of October 2008 when the system launches and we remove the BETA sign… J

This effectively means that the judging panel has NOT taken into consideration the months of work that the team has put into taking the My Home to the next level.

It’s a truly great honor for the Danish Electricity Saving Trust and HelloGroup… that these two organization’s collaborative effort, even at such an early stage in the relative long expected lifespan of the My Home project, have received this kind of worldwide recognition and attention is a true testimony to the fact that our humble organization most certainly is among the “upfront’est” in the new media playing field and that one can do everything if one set one’s mind to it !

One thought on “”My Home” in the semi-finals for Adobe MAX Awards 2008 ! (2)

  1. Hello PAM + team

    Congrats with the semi final “nomination”.

    PAM: I see that you are becoming more and more of a true Hello-man, only a true Hello-man can use phrases such as “tech-savvy” and “upfront’est” 😀

    Take care and say hi at Hello from me.

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