Adobe Flex

Enterprise Resource Management for Adobe Flex

One of the major challenges with building localized enterprise systems on Adobe Flex is to decide how to manage the resources and properties for the application.

The initial way we did this was to compile the resource bundles into distinct localized SWF’s that would be loaded at runtime depending on which locale the application was set to. This approach has some benefits, but definitely also has some drawbacks as the number of resources grow.

As a response to an ever increasing number of resources we need to support our ever increasing complex applications, we have at Hello created a resource management application that delivers the resources through a set of REST services that serves XML to the client that eventually are loaded into the resource manager.

Besides of facilitating editorial staff and text-writers to maintain the “static” texts in an application easier than through the use of the ordinary SWF based resource bundle sets, it has proved to reduce the development cycle with a couple of steps as well reducing the effort required by the developers to create the texts in the first place.

Through a set of search and simple filter-functions, it’s made possible for the editorial staff to find a certain resource easily and hence modify the texts without any knowledge of the inner layout and structure of the application, but merely by observing it…

I’m going to be writing more about this killer-app which makes the development and maintenance of localized enterprise applications much easier than it’s the case with the build-in localization support in Adobe Flex.

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