The wonderworks of MSTSC

Sometimes when working under pressure, it can become necessary to circumvent niceties and protocol.

One such case is when a Windows Server has run out of Terminal Service Client Licenses and you get the following screen or something similar when attempting to sign on to the system via Terminal Services.

The quick and definitely dirty way to hawk a connection is through the command line use of MSTSC application build into windows.

MSTSC is short for Microsoft Terminal Services Client and is used for accessing remote desktops in the Windows environment.

To get a connection all you have to do is to type the following at the command prompt (Ignore the quotation marks):

  • “mstsc /v:[servername] /console”
  • “mstsc /v:[servername] /admin” (Windows Vista)

You can read the entire documentation for MSTSC here…

Thanks to Stefan Kristian Hansen for pointing out the simplicity of doing this commando-style 🙂

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