Temporal Aliasing – a funny example

Reading various blogs upon returning from India this afternoon, by incident I browsed to this rather funny sample of Temporal Aliasing.

Temporal aliasing is the term applied to a visual phenomenon also known as the stroboscopic effect. It also accounts for the “wagon-wheel effect”, so called because in video or motion pictures, spoked wheels on horse-drawn wagons sometimes appear to be turning backwards. Temporal aliasing is one example of a range of phenomena called aliasing that occur when continuous motion is represented by a series of short or instantaneous samples. It occurs when (a) the view of a moving object is represented by a series of short samples as distinct from a continuous view, and (b) the moving object is in rotational or other cyclic motion at a rate close to the sampling rate.

Temporal Aliasing is something which we in marginal instances have to deal with when playing animations in the Flash Player.

2 thoughts on “Temporal Aliasing – a funny example

  1. I understand Temporal Aliasing and all but heh, that’s still dang freaky! Yeah, this has to be the most amazing example of temporal aliasing I’ve ever seen. You can even make out details in the rotors you shouldn’t be able to at the speed it’s turning. Great vid.

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