The CDB Team in India

Having returned from my visit to India, I still have to absorb all the many impressions that follow any trip to this land of diversity, contrast and what seems to be indefinite complexity.

This is the team working on the CDB project (sorry, details are under NDA so can’t get into details about it, despite it being quite interesting)… very talented people, all working on Flex… and the up and coming rock-stars of Indian Flex Development… once we have had a couple of projects run through the pipeline.

In case you think the geeky looking white guy in the background wearing a blue button-down looks familiar… he is not in fact Indian – but is in fact Sam Rivello, who has been doing the architecture of the project on contract by Hello.

Left to Right & Bottom to Top: Nehal Patel, Bharat Patel, Sam Rivello, Parag Shah, Mandar Mukadam, Sunil Ratada, Peter Andreas Molgaard (me), Nayan Paregi, Amit Patel, Sebastien Cugny, Ritesh Newal, Virat Patel, Dilip Yava and Vipul Shah.

One thought on “The CDB Team in India

  1. Prezados Sres.
    Entendi que a traves do CBD se poderia conseguir recursos para montar uma empresa verde em Brasil ou que a misma empresa indiana esteja interessad em fazerlo.
    Agradecere mais informaçoes.
    Muito obrigado

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