ActionScript 3.0

Reflection in ActionScript 3

To my great regret, it appears that Reflection is not going to be part of Adobe Flex 4 – Codename “Gumbo” since the thoughts of ES4 was dropped.

However, as an alternative it appears that the Maashaack framework is very much alive and have gained additional momentum on account of Microsoft obstructing ES4 (did I hear someone yell “prove it” ?)… however seeing that there are daily commits (the last seen on October 30th 2008) it might be worth to take a look at this framework for your ActionScript 3 works.

Check it out…

One thought on “Reflection in ActionScript 3

  1. Hi Peter,

    true we’re alive 🙂

    little more details about the Reflection in maashaack
    – based on getDescribeType
    – add reflection to dynamic class and prototype definitions
    (describeType don’t do that)
    – will add reflection on non-public member when in debug mode
    – work in Flash/Flex/AIR and will work on the command-line with Tamarin
    – we may add a special mode to do reflection from ByteArray
    based on swfdump and abcdump

    wishlist and wanted features welcome 🙂


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