FITC Amsterdam 2009 – Tickets for sale now

FITC has opened up the sale of tickets for Amsterdam 2009 conference.

I went there last year, and let me tell you a short story about my strongest experience at that conference.

Let me start by asserting that I am probably not a very pixel-perfect guy… in any respect… but FITC in Amsterdam last year definitely made a change in that department… it eventually made me understand what the heck Creatives and the likes are talking about by actually “seeing” the pixels myself for the first time in my life.

The funny part of the story is that it didn’t actually happen at the conference… but at the airport going home to Copenhagen from Amsterdam.

After having spend 3 days attending sessions that really didn’t provide me with knowledge directly applicable to my job as an SW architect, I suddenly experience something peculiar when I was walking to the gate in Schiphol airport in Amsterdam.

… I started actually seeing the texture around me and experiencing the graphical components that together formed the floor tiles. If you have ever been to Schiphol, then you might have noticed that the floor is made up of black marble tiles with sparkling granite spots on them (I realize this description might not win any awards, but its the best I can do)… and it made me think of the many times I had walked to those many gates in that airport… not ever once noticing that the floor consisted of quite complex structures that would eventually catch the eye of an unaware SW architect and strike him with awe.

It was at this specific moment in time that I realized that the 3 days spend with primarily creatives and graphical inventors, I had suddenly become able to see the “pixels” they were all talking about… in lack of a better reference, I felt like Neo in the Movie Matrix when he finally sees the Matrix as what it is…
So… for no other reason… you can always come to be inspired and having your horizon’s broadened… trust me – you will… just like I did, and then eventually come to be able to get impressed by the floor when walking to the gate in Schiphol going back to your 9-5…

I know a lot of you are thinking: the guy most have been smoking some of those pixels during those three days… however, I assure you that the strongest I had consumed was coffee and redwine… so it’s the real thing !

Anyways… in conclusion, I can strongly recommend it for any professional who targets the Flash player… it’s a great conference.

Check it out…

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