India is a thriller these days

Currently I am visiting our partner company in India… and it’s not an experience for people with sensitive nerves.

Today around 5 PM I was asked to hurry down to the ground floor because we were to have tea !?

Eventually, I was thinking that it was strange thing to hurry so wildly about, so I found one of the guys I know and asked him what was going on: “bomb-threat” he said and hurried on down the corridor along the others.

When I finally ended up outside, I took a couple of pictures of the people… unfortunately they don’t convey the confused atmosphere there were on the streets in front of the office building we were in…

Fortunately no blasts were heard and about 2 hours later we went back inside.

Anyways, check out these mediocre images taken with my iPhone (yes, the camera is not its strongest feature, and I don’t have access to my CS4 here for handling the darkness on the last picture).

Scary thing is that rumors are that the Indian Military Bombsquad found 3 explosive devices in the building, among these one on a floor where I was earlier today… makes you think a bit about it when terrorism suddenly gets so close.
Maybe its because I am a foreigner that they tend not to want to tell me the whole story but try to diminish the severity of negative aspects… but honestly, what do I know for sure about anything here in this nation of diversity and complication.

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