My responsiveness might be lacking… according to Xobni

Having installed Xobni a long time ago and having an elaborate archive system where I basically keep all emails sent and received over a period of the last 3 years, I have access to some rather funky statistics… and seeing that we are narrowing in on the end of 2008, it’s becoming the time to reflect and evaluate the past year.

Among the more simple and easily interpretable is the “Time to Respond” average graph… basically it tells me that it is taking me longer to respond to an email now, than it did back in 2006 and eventually it tells me that the time was only increasing moderately until 2008, when it increased more dramatically… obviously this statistic will become more interesting and useful over time, but as of now it’s interesting in itself to see that I am in fact probably having more “irons in the fireplace” now than I did in 2006.

If you have not yet checked out Xobni, I definitely encourage you to do so… it’s quite cool, it’s useful and it’s free…

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