Wedding Season in Ahmedabad

To be in Ahmedabad these days present a visitor with great entertainment, however of the more involuntary kind… see, it’s the Wedding Season in Gujarat.

This appears to the second batch of the Wedding Season and its running right until the middle of December. The ones getting married now are the late rushers in order to make it before the moon assumes an unholy position till Uttarayan (kite flying days – 14th – 15th January) and Holi (the delightful festival of colors in March), in where it will remain until April where the “first” batch will begin – this “first” batch will continue until June, where the monsoon begins… and he monsoon runs June – August – and no one wants to get married during the rainy season, for quite obvious reasons (it rains quite a lot)… anyways, it’s a long story when entering the details, so I will spare you the details and just jump to the conclusion: A’bad is a fun and happy place to be these days… lots of people getting married with the aspirations and hopes for the future that naturally are materializing during such festivities… these happy people seems for a period to have forgotten all about threats and the fact that they are expected to be afraid… now, less than 2 weeks after the horrendous events that took place in Mumbai (only a few hundred kilometers from here), people are moving on in life and looking forward with positivism and unsaid subtle intrinsic heroism… these people are natural born optimists, so dag norn it if some psychopaths try to screw everybody’s future up… the people of Gujarat and A’bad are destined not to let them win.

Here are some pictures of a typical night in A’bad these days… and you have to remember the many firecrackers which penetrates the air at any time of day and night these days and nights…

2 thoughts on “Wedding Season in Ahmedabad

  1. Hi Sakri,

    Hope you made it back from SF in good order !?
    Have you been to Ahmedabad before ??

    // Peter

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