log4flex… perhaps !?

This is merely a declaration of intent… always looking for the best way to implement logging cross applications and platforms, perhaps it could be a nice solution for Apache’s Logging Services and the Logging API in the Adobe Flex Framework to get combined I intend to examine the Log4Fx framework offered by the MyFlex company.

One of my next escapades will thus be to incubate the marriage of these two elements into a Log4Flex API, and see if anything sensible comes of out that. It makes nice sense seeing that we have log4J, log4net, log4cxx and most recently: log4php… so why not a log4flex !?

MyFlex has apparently done an implementation of the log4* specification and I intend to check it out… so far it looks pretty decent (but I suppose most things do on the distance, don’t they). I will keep you posted.

I would have wished that they would have injected it into the Apache project and kept it open-source, such as the other implementations of log4*… isn’t it kind of stealing from the open source community to take a name cornered by an open source project, create a new one for a specific technology “borrowing” the name and then keeping it proprietary… I will need to reflect a bit on that… please comment if you have any thoughts on this.

Check out log4fx…

…and the Apache Logging Services Project…

…and the Adobe Flex Logging API…

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