Adobe Codename ”Stratus”

Among some of the most interesting things to come out of San Diego these days is the Adobe project with codename “Stratus”.

“Stratus” means layer or “blanket” in Latin. A stratus cloud is therefore a cloud belonging to a class characterized by horizontal layering with a uniform base, as opposed to convective clouds that are taller than they are wide. The latter class of clouds is what we generally refer to as “cumulus clouds”.

It’s therefore not just any name Adobe has chosen to be the codename for one of their most recent additions to the Flash and AIR Platforms.

Stratus is a hosted rendezvous service that aids in establishing communications between Flash Players or Adobe AIR endpoints using RTMFP.

A traditional media streaming setup would be based on a central server to which every single client would connect.

However, with Stratus all data is sent directly from client to client. This effectively means that the entire form factor for streaming is about to change seeing that the more clients subscribed to a stream, the better quality people the clients will get and the latency will presumably remain the same.

Stratus is being made available as a beta service through Adobe Labs to allow our developer community to begin building applications using RTMFP.

Truly remarkable stuff… Check it out…

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