Adobe Flex Builder Error (2)

Another of the more spurious errors is one that appears once in a while and recently one time also in India…

Basically what it does is that it reduces the editor view port to a small stamp-sized box in the upper right corner of the editor frame.

The solution is even more mysterious, seeing that all you have to do is to close the file in Flex Builder, open the file in another editor (Notepad and equivalent will do fine), update it, save it, close it and then reopen it inside Flex Builder… and whoopee… the editor view port is back to its normal self.

If anyone can explain it, please don’t hesitate to enlighten me and the others who are also experiencing this problem.

2 thoughts on “Adobe Flex Builder Error (2)

  1. Hi Peter, I also seen one problem with scroll bar in Flex builder editor area. Scroll bar behaves very dramatically in several PC’s. when i scroll up and down the scroll bar through mouse pointer or scroller, editor moves in solve motion and I can’t control at motion time. This is very painful me when I scroll the page from top to down or down to top in speed.

    have you experienced this problem before?

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