Google’s 2009 plan for how to capitalize on Web 2.0

There are a lot of business models within and surrounding the Web 2.0 ecosystem… However, looking a bit into the business models of 2009 some of Google’s many initiatives might be some of the ones requiring a second look. They could use a second look both due to their prospects for future business models, but also in regards to some of their lesser positive implications.

There is not silver bullet right now, but looking at some of the prospects for 2009 things might change.

According to IEEE’s Spectrum, there are 3 patents in particular which deserves a bit more attention…

Now, all three of these patents which Google according to IEEE have recently filed for are related to identification across what until now could have been considered logical boundaries and therefore certainly some initiatives to spark off debate when put into service. They all rely on language processing and other techniques to search for patterns in data.

Just taking the example of the Related Entity patent, it involves sharing information from a user’s list of friends or groups, somewhat similar to the FriendRank algorithm published by the company SocialMedia Networks. The Open Profile and Custodian patents would relate data between different social networks and match patterns across networks.

The financial prospects are obviously large, however so are the implications in regards to conserving privacy… nevertheless, interesting stuff to watch out for in one way or the other.

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