Adobe MAX Open Working Group

Following the great Adobe MAX successes in 2008, Adobe is inviting the community to actively join in and help shape the future of Adobe’s events.

They are doing this under the umbrella of the Adobe MAX Open Working Group. It’s a group open to any member of Adobe Groups and there are no constraints on the kind of input we, the community, can bring…

Check it out…

According to Ted Patrick, Adobe will be scaling Adobe MAX up and they will introduce a couple of new concepts, among which we most likely are going to see a couple of free events and probably a lot of free community driven events with a strong local flavor corresponding to where its taking place.

Read more about it in Ted’s blog-post about it…

Among some of the points Ted makes, another one is that we are going to see interest from Adobe in expanding the eco-system in regards to number of experts and they are already supporting drastic increase in the number of groups and invites has been sent to the community experts about recommending others to join the Expert program.

I think it’s a good thing to have more experts filling into the community so the ACE program will have more impact in the respective industries and we hopefully can find a practices of executing our knowhow… Great stuff.

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