FlexCamp Oslo 2009 – Introducing Flash Catalyst

Since I’ve been in “DeathRun” on a project and locked up in a Warroom, I have not had the time to blog for some time… however, I have so much stuff in pipeline that I hope to make it up…

2 weeks ago I was in Oslo for the first FlexCamp in the Nordic countries, and it was great… Kudos to Oystein Wika and his team for putting it together… and thanks guys for your Nordic brotherly hospitality.

I look forward to enjoying more of this when I will be speaking about RIA’s with Flex at the Adobe Nordic Interactive Web Event Spring 2009 in Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki and Copenhagen in March and April.

Anyways… my session about Flash Catalyst didn’t go exactly as planned since I didn’t have the time I wanted to do all the round-tripping I had wanted between Flash Catalyst, Flex Builder and Creative Suite… however people seemed to be very excited about the new possibilities of Flash Catalyst… so I guess it all in all was a success.

Here are a couple of pictures of the presentation… as you can see… I both managed to tell a bit about the history of Flash Catalyst and its background history as the mythical tool named “Project Thermo”, wireframing, ActionScript coding, designing as well as showing people around in the HUD (Heads Up Display)(Which is a temporary solution, so don’t get yourself too attached to it).

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