Appcelerator… the way of the (RIA) jedi

The tendency of web-development has lately come to realize some of the boyhood dreams of the aspiring young web developers during the days of Interdev for Web, the first Dreamweaver and Frontpage app’s…
Its now possible to create real app’s in a highlevel abstract and declarative set of languages (<joke>possible coming to be known as UltraHighLanguages</joke>).
One of such platorms is the Appcelerator which is an open source platform that provides everything you need to build rich web, mobile and desktop applications.


I still need to actually have the time to take it for a ride, but the simulator seems pretty cool and it might prove useful for creating rapid application development with low requirements for standardization to platform…
All other things being equal, the simulator is cool…


Check it out…

One thought on “Appcelerator… the way of the (RIA) jedi

  1. Hi Peter!
    My name is Trevor and I am with Appcelerator. I just read your short article about Appcelerator and I along with the rest of Appcelerator team am very pleased to see people getting excited about our platform, please check it out and take it for an actual test run and write more! We like to give the people who are “evangelizing” Appcelerator a little something for their effort. If you want, you can send me you mailing address and I in return would be happy to send you a titanium shirt and an Appcelerator wristband.

    Thanks from everyone at Appcelerator!

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