Teleport… candy for the KVM bigamist

teleport is as cool as they come…


It lets you use a single mouse and keyboard to control several Macs.
Simply reach an edge of your screen, and your mouse teleports to your nearby Mac, which also becomes controlled by your keyboard. The pasteboard can be synchronized, and you can even drag & drop files between your Macs.

Perhaps there are better ways and maybe even easier ways to have a virtual KVM switch on my Macs at home, but teleport does it for me…

Check it out…

Do you need to have a virtual KVM switch which supports other operating systems than Mac’s, so that you can share e.g. your Windows Keyboard and Mouse with your Mac’s and *nix boxes… then I have had great luck with using Synerg… and its open source, but not exactly as easy to setup, however its still not complicated enough not to give it a go.


Check that out…

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