Free Beer…. first open source beer

FREE BEER is a beer which is free in the sense of freedom, not in the sense of free beer.

The project, originally conceived by Copenhagen-based artist collective Superflex and students at the Copenhagen IT University, applies modern free software / open source methods to a traditional real-world product – namely the alcoholic beverage loved and enjoyed globally, and commonly known as beer.

FREE BEER is based on classic ale brewing traditions, but with addded Guaraná for a natural energy boost. The recipe and branding elements of FREE BEER is published under a Creative Commons (Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5) license, which means that anyone can use the recipe to brew their own FREE BEER or create a derivative of the recipe. Anyone is free to earn money from FREE BEER, but they must publish the recipe under the same license and credit the original work. All design and branding elements are available to beer brewers, and can be modified to suit, provided changes are published under the same license (“Attribution & Share Alike”)

FREE BEER is based on Vores Øl v. 1.
FREE BEER v 3.0 is currently under revision by Skands Brewery.

Check it out…

And if you are into Beer and Flash Platform programming, don’t hesitate to check out my previous post about Flash On Tap which takes place in Boston in the end of May…

3 thoughts on “Free Beer…. first open source beer

    1. Hi Cholid,

      I think the best for you to do is to contact KapLab and talk to them about getting access to their codebase.

      Best regards,

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