My Microsoft Entourage is suffering from "Database Daemon Fatal Error"…

Now its been two times in three days I have had to run the Database Utility which is shipped and installed together with Microsoft Office for MAC 2008.
Each time I have been forced to do so has been due to a Fatal Error (see screenshot below) in the Microsoft Database Daemon which seems to fail in keeping consistency and integrity in the database underlying Microsoft Entourage.

Database Daemon Fatal Error

The solution to solve it is pretty easy… inside the Microsoft Office directory of the local applications folder, you will find a sub-directory entitled “Office” which contains the application called “Microsoft Database Utility”. When executed the application offers you the option of rebuilding the database. Choosing this option will fix the issues while off course creating a backup in case something even more serious should fault during rebuilding. I can’t imagine what use a backup a broken database can have, but I guess its a nice gesture by the utility developers.

Anyways, should you encounter the error below, don’t dispair… make a quick search on your preferred search engine and find this blog-entry, then your problem is likely to be solved in less than half an hour.

132 thoughts on “My Microsoft Entourage is suffering from "Database Daemon Fatal Error"…

  1. I have a new mini mac and installed the programs. Everything works with the exception of entourage. I thought maybe I needed to reinstall everything and entourage came back up briefly, then I got this error message. I followed the instructions above and when I choose the microsoft database utility, it comes up with the same error message. Help?

  2. Looked at Microsoft’s suggestions on how to fix this problem, and celebrated the fact that I finally switched to an iMac. Thank you Peter for your clear and simple solution: it worked like a charm in less than 5 minutes. If only the tech world were run by people like you instead of clueless and bloated corporations!

  3. Thank you so much – very much appreciate the help provided. Immediately fixed my problem. Glad you provided such easy to follow instructions, unlike other sites I found.

  4. Peter,

    If I bump into you, I’ll buy you the beer I owe you for fixing this problem. I re-built the database as instructed and entourage was up and running in minutes.


  5. I have a brand new Mac and I received this error today during a heated deadline. I tied this solution and there is no file name Microsoft Database Utility. I went to local apps and then office but found now file with that name. I even reloaded my Office for mac and that did not do it eitehr

    1. Hi Brent,

      Sorry to hear that.
      I’m sure you are looking in the right place, but can you just double check that you are looking in the right directory ?

      // Peter

  6. Thank you so much. Your advise was clear, concise and successful. Thanks for taking your knowledge online (and thanks to google for having you easy to find).
    Tom McCarey

      1. Unfortunately I don’t know what you mean with forwarding the solution. The utility you need to use is already installed together with your Entourage.

  7. Thank you Peter. I was a doubter, because I thought the daemon,’a housekeeping or maintenance utility’ (microsoft definition) was separate from the database it ‘managed’. In any casewhen I verified the database, it was OK. What would rebuilding it achieve? I nearly gave up. In despair I rebuilt the database, just as you advised. I don’t know why it works, nor do I need to. It just does
    Many, many thanks Peter.

  8. Thanks for details, a Mac newbie here, glad to see that even Microsoft issues are easy to fix on a Mac 🙂

  9. Thank you Peter, it works like a charm.

    The funny thing is, I don’t even use Entourage. I was using Word with scrapbook function when it happened and scrapbook stopped collecting copies, then Word crashed. Nevertheless, I followed your advice and voila!

    Thanks again,


  10. I am getting the daemon database error, I tried following the above instructions but when I try to rebuild the database I get the following error “An error occurred while attempting to rebuild your database.”
    Any other ideas on how to fix this?
    Thank you,

    1. I’ve completed the disk utility – I’ve continued to get the same error – did you ever figure out what to do as I’m beside myself. Please help –

  11. I tried rebuilding the that Database and reinstalling the entire office program before I found this blog. Either worked, do you have any other suggestions.

  12. I tried rebuilding the that Database and reinstalling the entire office program before I found this blog. Either do not work, do you have any other suggestions.

  13. Thank God for the Internet and bloggers like you! All sorted. Many thanks, as this threw itself at me at 9am on a Monday morning… all you need! Sorted in 5 mins.

  14. I’ve rebuilt the database but the problem still persists. Do you have any other suggestions?

    I’m using Office 2008 on Mac 10.5

  15. Thanks Peter! You are a LEGEND! We have had our Entourage down for a few weeks. I finally did something about it and hey presto! Fixed in minutes!! Why did I wait so long to find your page??? I am very grateful to you for passing on your knowledge. I love Mac and this is the first (and only) problem I have had in nearly a year.

    1. Peter, tried your solution many times but it always says “an error occurred while trying to rebuild the database”. The only option it gives is to press DONE and try again…to no avail. Any suggestions?

  16. Hi,

    I did the following and I can open entourage without the error message but how do I get my data transfered?:

    1) Quit Entourage.
    2) Move the Microsoft User Data folder to the desktop
    3) Open Entourage and it will create a new Microsoft User Data folder with
    an empty Main Identity

    I didn’t know how to do the step below:
    4) Drag from the MUD folder on the desktop, your Main Identity replacing the
    current blank Identity.

    Please help.



  17. Brilliant!

    To the point. Work great! No KB48758353748735349857346879839848 reference, just a top notch solution!

  18. Thanks Peter! I will say the same with everyone!! You are the LEGEND as Fairley said!!! Thanks you very much!! It’s all fixed now….don’t know how to explain my greatful to you!! Big kisses from here!!

  19. I could not find my install disk and was wondering how I was going to repair the program. I found the program application but I had to restart after the fix to get the problem to go away. I just sent a test message and it worked. Thanks for the help.

  20. I have run the Database Utility included in Microsoft Office for MAC 2008 and did the rebuild several times. No matter which identity I use, I keep getting the “Fatal Error” message.

    Is there any other solution that might work?

  21. Peter , I had a message “An error occurred while attempting to verify your database”. maybe you can help on this.
    Thanks in advance.

  22. So what caused this to begin with? I had a user on a Mac Pro workstation running Entourage 2008 sp1 and his was opened when the error occurred.

  23. Thank Peter it worked like a charm! I still don’t understand why this error message occurred. Thanks again!

  24. i have followed your instructions unfortunately all process had stopped on step No.4 while copying records to new database.
    it writes: ‘an error occurred while attempting to rebuild your database’
    i would appreciate if you find some time and throw me an opinion about my problem.

  25. Yay! Literally took longer to read this than it took for me to fix the problem! I was so worried I did the impossible and got a virus on my Mac. Thank you.

  26. Peter,
    After having been notified of a Daemon Database fatal error and after having tried three times to rebuild the database I get the message (towards the end of the process in Step4/copying records to new database) “An error occurred while attempting to rebuild your database”…
    When I checked with the verification step I got the message “your database works perfectly”
    What now?….My e-mail doesn’t work at all, only my private hotmail address will gladly accept your advice (

  27. Hi Peter,

    I have the same problem as Jordan, when clicking the option to rebuild the database it takes a minute and tells me that ‘an error occurred while trying to rebuild the database’. Not that this was’t already enough but does anything else come to your mind?

  28. Hi Peter,

    I agree with all the praise above. I am not a techi and managed to fix this error on my Mac Brilliant !!!!!

  29. Peter,

    Thank you so much for speaking to us in words we can understand. I have just successfully Rebuilt the Database following your directions and all is well again.
    The Daemon is defeated!!!

    My heartfelt thanks to you for saving my sanity.

  30. Hi Peter,
    THANK you. I called Apple for assistance but they told me to call Microsoft. While they were researching the phone number for MS, I found your post and made the correction. Not happy with Apple for shuffling me off to MS and GRATEFUL for you! Worked like a charm.
    Happy New Year!

  31. wow it worked like a charm !!!
    Thank you for such a helpful post.
    It took almost 20 minutes but it actually did the job.

  32. Thanks for your help-this worked well for me. However, when I ran the utility, it said that my database was fine. I rebuilt it anyway and have not gotten the error again. I appreciate your help and taking the time to post this fix! This saved me a ton of time!!! TR

  33. Dear Peter
    You are a gem.
    Thanks for the advice.
    I was dreading having to reinstall from time machine (normally easy for a file, but a bit more complicated for a microsoft identity) The database rebuild was simple, quick and worked like a dream.
    And thank Google for bringing up this site with your solution.

  34. I tried the fix and when i try to rebuild the database i receive a message that an error occurred and i am not allowed to do anything further. Any suggestions

  35. Hi Peter, On first attempt all went well, then a week later the same error occurred again, so I ran the fix again and all went well, however, 30 minutes later same fatal error?? Any further suggestions? This problem driving me nuts.

  36. What a relief. I was really panicking! Thanks for providing such a helpful solution (and for whatever SEO optimization got me to you so quickly)!

  37. Thanks ever so much for this advise as I rang up microsoft and they could not help but what you suggested worked. Thanks again

  38. Thank you so much Peter — this saved me a lot of frustration & expensive technical support on the phone. My problem was solved in about 20 minutes.

  39. Thank you for the fix for my Entourage Database Daemon fatal error! Is there a way to search your blog for other Office for Mac issues?
    Thanks again.

  40. Thanks, Peter, your simple directions solved the issue in minutes. I had actually thought I had some kind of virus. How hard would it have been for Microsoft to add those remedial instructions on how to solve the problem to the notice that Entourage was crashing?

  41. You have my enormous gratitude! I was about to give up on Entourage and just use Mail on my Mac. This shouldn’t be this hard and obscure. Your remedy worked perfectly. Thank you, thank you.

  42. The blog that keeps giving!! Thanks for this info – worked a treat, and only took a minute!! Thank Peter.

  43. Many thanks Peter

    Can’t believe how simple it all was. I spent a whole day at the Apple “Genius Bar” in a Sydney Apple shop. They really tried but had no success and passed me off to a private consultant. I was totally depressed and then I came across your website and the rest is history. I will endeavour to pass on the info to the genius people so that others will not suffer the same fate.

    Many thanks to you for not trying to commercialise the process.

  44. Peter, Thank You for the fix, it worked great. When I got my day started and that error popped up, I didn’t know what I was gonna do. It’s the first problem I’ve had since converting to Mac 1 & 1/2 years ago. Again thanks for your insight.

  45. Thank you Peter! I was so frustrated in trying to overcome this error, until I ran across your blog, I followed your instructions and the problem is resolved (hopefully not temporarily!)

    I have delayed buying the new Microsoft Office due to poor reviews that I have read! How has your experience been with Outlook for the Mac?

  46. Peter

    Found your old original entry on how to solve the “Daemon Fatal Error”.

    Fixed me up real nice and easy. Thanks, Peter.


  47. I encountered this error and the fix worked great and I no longer receive the error. But now I am receiving email messages multiple times. every time my systems checks for new mail, i receive the previous messages again also. I received an email and then it cam again 6 times. I sent myself a test message and I received it along with another copy of the previous email. My system checks for mail every minute so by the morning i’m going to have Hundreds of duplicate messages. does anyone have any suggestions??

  48. Thank you. I had gone to other sites looking for a repair and they all said different things and nothing worked. This repaired the problem easily.

  49. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My husband says find the information out yourself. You made my day and surprised the heck out of him. He is computer savy and tired of the family asking what to do after we all try and try to find simple actions and answers and fail. Success!!

  50. HOLY CRAP!1 You are brilliant!!! I live in my email as I work from home … and I got that ugly message this morning … told me my database wasn’t working properly – followed your steps and *poof … all my email is downloading … thank you thank you!!

  51. To everyone who tried to rebuild, only for it to mysteriously stop on the 4th stage, due to “an error occurred while trying to rebuild the database”. I had this same problem and was beating my head against a wall about it.

    One thing you need to know is that when it rebuilds your identity, it actually creates a double of your identity, so you need to find out how big this is. Go to username>Documents>Microsoft User Data>Office 2008 Identities, and hit command-i on your main identity to see how much space it takes up. Mine was 30GB, and I didn’t have 30GB of free space on my hard drive when I was trying to rebuild the database, hence the error occurring.

    My tip for you would be to create enough free disk space to create a double of your identity (move something onto an external hard drive), and then try the rebuild again. It worked for me.

    Good luck!

  52. Ditto all the positive comments above. I’ve been banging my head against the wall and even with my company’s in-house IT folks.

    Thanks, very much!

  53. Peter thank you it worked on the first try. I don’t know if you can help with another problem but here it is anyway. My HP Officejet 4500 wireless keeps going into power saving mode and the only way to get it out is to unplug the power cord which is unacceptable. Can you help me with that?

  54. Hi have the same message after trying to rebuild my database – error at step 4. I have 266GB available space on my HD so im not sure what else to do??

    Any suggestions, please. Thanks all.


    1. Hi Nicolas,

      I have long time abandoned Entourage, I suggest you upgrade to later versions of Microsoft Office, e.g. Outlook 2011.
      …or you can use one of the many other available Mail clients for the MAC.


  55. You just made me the hero of the day as I talked my mum through the procedure over the phone – and it solved her problem just like that. Thanks a million from both of us!

  56. This problem arose for me when a PDF was made ready to send in my Family Tree program but instead of opening in Entourage it opened in “MAIL” program.!! Wow!! you certainly know your stuff!! Fixed within 10 minutes. THANK YOU. (Now will have to work out if I can make the program open in Entourage automatically!!)

  57. Thank you so much!!! The microsoft office help site had me uninstall and reinstall office (which took hours) and it didn’t fix my problem… your advice did!!! Thanks ( :

    1. Hi Kate,

      Yeah, the lack of proper documentation is mind blowing some times… Anyways, have you considered upgrading to Outlook instead ?

      All the best,

  58. Thanks for the solution. It’s been driving me crazy for months. I’ll upgrade to Outlook
    as soon as I get a chance

  59. Great bit of advice there.. after playing around the the help section on Microsofts site for a few hours your fix worked just perfect. Thanks for the share man 🙂

  60. Thank you very much. 10 minutes ago, i discovered the failure you described. After reading your information it took me 5 minutes to clear the problem.

  61. Incredible and thank you so much! I had a very important attachment to send out today and all of a sudden I had this error.. One google search and came across this site Fantastic thank you so very much. I really appreciate it.

  62. This problem usually occur when an Entourage .rge database file get corrupted and become inaccessible. There are several reason may behind the corruption of Entourage database and some of them are listed below which helps you to analyze the problem behind Database Daemon corruption:

    System or Entourage application shut down gracefully.
    Entourage hangs and freeze up sometimes.
    Entourage items fails to launch.
    Fails to manage your personal data.
    All the precious E-mails, contacts, and other data inaccessible.

  63. Thank you! Fatal error resolved by rebuilding database even although the utility said it was fine. Would never have known about this utility otherwise. Many thanks.

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