Mapping Design and Develop Disciplines… Team Competencies

In continuation of mapping my own competencies, I have taken the liberty of mapping a couple of my colleagues whom are obvious to compliment me…

Its an exercise intended to give it a shot at using the matrix as a team constellation practice. However, instead of using the circle diagram defined by Dough Winnie, I have used the Radarchart from the ILog Data Visualization package.


The data are easy to make, the results are easy to understand and since the results might be of some relevance I intend to continue mapping a couple of our existing teams and the hold them against a radar diagram representing the project characteristics, and then see if the project-team is wrongly configured…

If the configuration above had been taken from a real project, its likely we could have been able to state that all bases were covered, at least to some extend…

You can check the small applet out here… or by clicking on the picture above…

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