GUGGAFF… as good as it gets

GUGGAFF is spurious title which is just the abbreviation of Gugga Flex Framework… and its not without merits that these guys are proud of their contribution to the open source scene.
Gugga is a company that has specialized in quality and upfrontity, I know the last word is not recognized by Merriam-Webster as a valid Oxford English word, however, in my effort to describe the Gugga company it is totally valid and correct.

This is not a shameless act of cheap promotion (I’m not associated with Gugga – I’m a very proud Software Architect at Hello Group in Copenhagen)… despite some parts of the message could be misinterpreted as such… however… anyways…

The talented guys at Gugga has shared their base class library with the rest of the world under the umbrella of the GuggaFF, and I certainly recommend that you check it out… for none other purpose than to find out how the people behind such RIA blockbusters as Bombay Sapphire and Bacardi architected the systems.

Instead of wasting more of your precious time… I will just finish with a logo and a link recommending that you check out the GuggaFF and learn how some of the coolest Internet Experiences were created…


I’m so excited about the combined skillset of the guys at Gugga, and once you have looked into their shared works, I’m 99,999% certain you will agree…
Anyways.. check em out… they are the people who can make the difference in creating a success and not a flop…

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