My Schedule for Oredev 2009

Upon having completed my preps for the AIR Bootcamp tomorrow, I decided to use the scheduler app for Oredev to compile my own personal schedule for the conference, and it turned out to look as follows.


Quite a number of slots were difficult to decide because so many sessions this year sound so interesting and the lineup of speakers is totally impressive…

Have you not yet checked out Oredev, I recommend you do it… its right here…

Going to the amount of conferences I have been so fortunate to do the recent times… I always find that the scheduler apps always leave something to be wished. Some of them are really bad (Microsoft TechEd 2008+2009) and some of them are really good (Flash On the Beach 2009). The latter mainly because it was an iPhone App, to have a complement mobile app should be the standard from now on.

Anyways, the one for Oredev is really simple and easy to use, so what it lacks in wow’ness, it makes up for in simplicity… and it persists the personal schedule locally on the client… check it out…

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