How to type upside down letters & backwards text ?

How does this tool flip text up side down and backward?

The JavaScript program converts English letters to unicode characters and symbols that look inverted, to make it look like you’ve created upside-down text on the computer. Most of them come from the character sets “Latin Extended” and “International Phonetic Alphabet”. Unfortunately there are no upside down numbers and not enough upside down capital letters, so this tool supports lowercase letters only. This page uses the font “Arial Unicode MS” to display the flipped text. You can learn the letter mapping behind this upside down text generator by viewing this page’s html source code. Enjoy this trick on internet forum, blog, IM, & chat!

Check it out…

8 thoughts on “How to type upside down letters & backwards text ?

  1. I’m Looking for a website that makes the actual letter backwards. like a P; so The hump on the right turns to the left. NOT; so that the website can make my word backwards; I can do that myself. Thank you so much. (:

    1. You’r most welcome, and off course I apologize most sincerely that I made you waste your time visiting my blog… how rude of me to post something that was not exactly what you were looking for, I have no idea what I was thinking.
      I hope you will not succumb to the emotional devastation it must have caused you, I understand that this has been traumatizing for you.

    1. Computer Science following a brief flirt with both Polar Engineering and Latin as well as Journalism and Media Sociology

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