Going to Adobe MAX 2010

This time of year is ALWAYS a great time… filled with expectations and ideas about what will unfold at this year’s MAX… every year offers great opportunities to fill the arsenal and granary with great stuff to base the year until next MAX upon.

Adobe MAX Logo

Attending information, inspirational and entertaining sessions as well as all the un-conference stuff and the off-conference drinking sessions with old buddies as well as new acquaintances.

I shall be honest and admit that I love to attend MAX… being a regular conference attendee and speaker, I have to admit that MAX by far is one of the best conferences to attend.
Not only is the team behind always willing to put in an extra effort to gather the community and to spread the word of truth about the products and technologies, but they are also always willing to engage in constructive and positive dialogue about the future developments of Adobe in general.

I’ll admit it, I’m an Adobe fanboy and I can’t wait to fly into LAX on Saturday knowing I’m faced with a tightly packed agenda of information gathering and networking with the greatest people in the technological creative industry.

I hope to see you there… and if you are going and interested in meeting for a drink, please hit me up… and better yet if you have something interesting to talk about…

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