Introduction to Adobe Creative Suite Extension Builder

Adobe Creative Suite Extension Builder is a Flash Builder 4 plug-in which enables the rapid development of extensions that run inside one or more Creative Suite applications.
Extension Builder makes it as easy to write extensions that run in the Creative Suite as it is to use Flash Builder 4 to write Flex applications that run in the browser. It targets professional Creative Suite developers looking to minimize their development costs and reduce time-to-market for their extensions, while delivering maximum functionality to their customers.
For a host of tutorials, videos and sample content, you can take a look at the Extension Builder team’s blog at

Extension Builder at Adobe MAX 2010
Ordinarily, access to Extension Builder requires membership of either the Adobe Solution Partner Program or the Adobe Enterprise Developer Program. However, it is being provided free of charge to attendees of Adobe MAX 2010, along with a catalogue of sample extensions and videos demonstrating Extension Builder’s benefits.
If you are not attending MAX, but believe you should have access to this because your input could prove invaluable, you can contact the team through the Extension Builder forum:

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