The ADOBE MAX Releases of Flash Catalyst, Flash Builder and Flex SDK are now available !

As always, special MAX editions of the various software are made available !
This year is no exception, check out the new releases of Flash Catalyst (Project “Panini”), Flash Builder (Project “Burrito”) and Flex SDK (Project “Hero”).

Having been using these editions for a while now during their development, I can strongly recommend that you check them out… they are HUGE advancements and they are some of the most stable BETA software I have had the pleasure to work with (let’s realize it, working with BETA software can sometimes NOT be a pleasure, however these BETA editions are certainly a pleasure to work with due to the MAJOR enhancements).

“Panini” is the Flash Catalyst we originally wanted, version one was a quickie, but the team behind Panini has accomplished to make a tool which really can become the game changer I originally predicted Flash Catalyst would be.

Hence, don’t hesitate to check out these releases !

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