Adobe Edge

I just wanted to give you a heads-up that the preview page for Adobe Edge (Adobe’s upcoming web standards-based animation tool) has gone live on Adobe Labs.
Not much is there now, other than a video and a signup form, but once they get into July there’s going to be more news coming, as well as a series of Adobe HTML5 Camps in the US, Europe, and Japan.

The Labs page:

The HTML5 Camps signup page was soft-launched today, with more news about the event coming up in the end of July:

There’s also a Facebook page for Adobe Edge:

Adobe Edge preview is an upcoming tool for creating smooth motion and transitions for screens of all sizes, utilizing the latest web standards like HTML/HTML5, JavaScript and CSS.

Adobe Edge allows you to visually create motion content in a relatively easy to use, timeline-based interface by creating new compositions directly from scratch, import and energize existing web graphics and assets, or add motion and state/statechanges to existing CSS-based HTML layouts.

It allows you to also test and target for multiple screens and therefore trust that your content works reliably on desktops as well as devices.

Check out this video by omnipresent Doug Winnie…

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