The Adobe Developer Connection team published…

The Adobe Developer Connection team published and promoted the following articles and videos today:

This amount of announcements just before Adobe MAX, our big annual gathering, only proves to the ones of us that were anticipating an epic MAX this year, that we probably will be right in that assumption… this years MAX has all the indicators to become one of the great ones…

If you are going to be there, drop me a note and lets meet and have an exchange of ideas…

What’s new in Adobe AIR 3

HTML updates in Adobe AIR 3

What’s new in Flash Player 11

What’s new in Flex 4.6 SDK and Flash Builder 4.6

Installation and deployment options in Adobe AIR 3

Native extensions for Adobe AIR

Gyroscope native extension sample

NetworkInfo native extension sample

Vibration native extension sample

Excerpt: Flash Player 11 Stage3D (Molehill) Game Programming Beginner’s Guide

Getting started with Alternativa3D

Building a 3D Flash game with Flare3D and Stage3D

Adding 3D content to your Flash game fast and easy

Creating 3D games and apps with Away3D 4 and Stage 3D – Part 1

Introducing the Starling 2D framework

Beginning Flash Media Server 4.5 – Part 2: Streaming on-demand video

Caltrain Times from design to release: A story of mobile application development

Sample: Caltrain Times

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