WeekendHacker launches their new web-face…

A Place For Very Small Projects

Wouldn’t you sometimes wish you had a list of people you could ask to help you out on a small idea of yours? Not something that is going to take them ages to do, not something that that you probably should pay a freelancer or an company to help you with.

Small personal or niche projects that you could do in a couple of hours or days if you just had some help. Whether that is help with coding a cool visualization idea you have or to make your small news feed not look like complete crap.

Maybe you have some insight you know could bring in an extra dime if you move fast, but also know will need to look good.

WeekendHacker is for that. For finding help with the part you are not so strong in. Whether you do it for money, for fame, for fun or by trading skills is up to you. My hope is that will become a place where cool projects are published, people meet potential cofounders and the network becomes strong enough to build a launchpad for the projects created here.

At WeekendHacker, no project is too small but most projects are too big

Now go build something cool (and small)…

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