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Introducing Jangaroo…

Jangaroo is an Open Source project building developer tools that adopt the power of ActionScript 3 to create high-quality JavaScript frameworks and applications.

There are two main use cases when you might want to use Jangaroo tools:

  • JavaScript programming in the large – Adopt ActionScript 3 language features like packages, classes and inheritance, interfaces, private members, and many more to create even large-scale client-side Web code, where you otherwise would have used JavaScript directly. This approach is extremely helpful when creating frameworks with explicit public APIs, but also for larger applications that use such frameworks.
  • Running ActionScript 3 code directly in the browser – You are implementing a Web project that must not rely on plugins and/or requires close integration into an HTML Web site, possibly already using some JavaScript framework. You want to reuse or build upon existing ActionScript 3 code (utility classes, frameworks like FlexUnit, custom code) as well as JavaScript APIs and code.

This obviously is a very useful approach and if the end-result actually is useable, it would give us the very best of both worlds… especially since Jangaroo maintains edit-ability in the source between productions… very very useful in deed.

I will be taking Jangaroo for a spin at first given opportunity considering the magnitude of the benefits if the approach were made to work.
A really nice little “feature” is that Jangaroo keeps the generated code close to the source, even keeping line numbers to allow source-level debugging… pretty kewl !

Check it out…

…and thanks to Kevin Newman for the heads-up, be sure to check out his blog…

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