Adobe, HTML5

Introducing Adobe & HTML

With so many exciting things happening at all levels of the web “stack”, Adobe wanted to create a single place where everything they are working on can be shared with the community to improve what is possible on the web and simplify how wen professionals work with HTML, CSS, SVG and JavaScript. It is here that you can find up-to-date information about all of the different HTML projects Adobe is working on, discover which events that will be worth attending, and find out how you can join Adobe in making the web better.

You can read the introductory statement…

…or you can head directly over to the new site… more resources will be added in the near future making this a very promising portal to learn about Adobe’s HTML initiatives…

One I personally find particularly interesting is the statement under Tools & Services…

We think there’s a need for a different type of code editor – we’re working on something and will have more to share soon.

UPDATE on May 3rd 2012: Check out this announcement on the emergence of “Adobe Brackets”

However, check it out… its all good stuff and could potentially make your life as a web professional easier and more fun…

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