AngularJS… a selection-change directive… an early implementation

having run into some issue implementing a change handler on the select control without setting the model property… I decided to see how it could be to implement a selectionHandler directive…

I started out with this implementation which obviously is far from best practice and far from ideal yet… next step will be to find the best practice to implement a tag for an entire “combobox”…


<select ng-datasource="candidateContacts" ng-selection-change="selectContact">
	<option ng-repeat="candidateContact in candidateContacts" ng-selected=" ==">


.directive( "ngSelectionChange", function( $compile ) {
		return function( $scope, $element, $attrs ) {

			jQuery( $element ).change( function( e ) {

				var target = jQuery( );

				var datasourceKey = target.attr( "ng-datasource" );
				var datasource = $scope.$eval( datasourceKey);

				var actionKey = target.attr( "ng-selection-change" );
				var action = $scope.$eval( actionKey );

				var selectedIndex = target.prop( "selectedIndex" );
				var selectedItem = datasource[ selectedIndex ]; $scope, selectedItem );

I just stumbled upon the concept of using accessor’s in the directive scopes, that will help me get rid of the redundancy in the declaration of the datasource/iterator…

I came across this directive when browsing the recently updated documentation system, this will do fine so there is no need to implement a ComboBox since the functionality is covered by the native select directive…$

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