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The "initCompleteHandler" function is protected in the FX4 DownloadProgressBar

Great news for all of us implementing Custom Preloaders…

Instead of having a private “initCompleteHandler” function on the DownloadProgressBar, the function is now protected so we can override it in custom implementations. This means that we no longer have to implement the IPreloaderDisplay interface and hack out a lot of the intended functionality in order to have the preloader also handling the load of the application logic so that it does not change to Application View until the Application is considered to actually be ready.

This is great news… making the DownloadProgressBar a lot better… now it all seems like just need some kind of “preventDefault” behavior in order to have total control over the switch from preloader to application without having to bloat the preloader itself…

Currently I am resorting to including either classes such as the PureMVC facade, a Mate eventmap or another kind of EventAggregator into the Preloader SWF in order to be able to hook into it… this is however only possible if you also hack a bit around in order to prevent the default switch from preloader to application.

Adobe Flex

Adobe Flex Learning Paths… now available

Adobe has published a new sub-site, Adobe Flex Learning Paths, to provide an easy way to get started with Adobe Flex.

They have divided the paths into 4 distinct sub-paths according to roles:


Each path is an easily accessible way to acquire more knowledge about Adobe Flex which is custom tailored to each specific role.

To study the path relevant for your role is a must if you are starting with Flex or are considering to get started.


If you are feeling adventurous, Adobe has even created a Flex version of the HTML sub-site… however it’s still in BETA, so its full of wet paint and wrinkles that need to be ironed out.

Check it out…

Adobe Flex

Localized Adobe Flex Applications… introducing BabelFlex

As you probably already know, the Flex SDK only contains English and Japanese locales, now some guys in the Adobe community have created BabelFlex which is a set of translated locale sources.

At the time of writing this there were locale sources for Spanish, French, Danish, German, Finnish, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish and traditional Chinese.

Check it out…

Adobe Flex

RIA Architecture, the technology agnostic perspective

In the midst of the ongoing (and escalating) technology war between Adobe Flex and Microsoft Silverlight, it’s nice to see that foes can get together and solve common problems for the greater benefit.

It has managed James Ward and Josh Holmes to get together during JAOO in the Danish city of Aarhus (Søren, as you are reading this, are you regretful because you didn’t go and instead decided to go to TechEd in Barcelona? I guess not, hugh? )

Anyways… check it out…

This might be a groundbreaking event… you should probably make a note of it.

Adobe Flex

Adobe Flex cookbook

Adobe has started the cookbook initiatives, it’s meant to be a source for resources for developers when looking for solutions to problems they have or problems they didn’t know they had (yet). In that sense it could be a valuable tool in creating better Flex developers.

I have taken the liberty of taking one of my old posts and adding to the Adobe Flex cookbook.

Check it out..