Hello Ignite… now on Facebook

The Ignite phenomena is spreading to even some of the darkest and most remote areas of the world (yet to see one in Greenland however, but probably just a matter of time).
Copenhagen is now no exception, we too have been struck by the wave of ignition which is set of to spark new ideas and thoughts throughout the creative industries.


In the true spirit of the Ignite movement, we have chosen to share our sessions with the general public via the Facebook fansite…

Check it out… every monday there will be a new session posted…


Facebook : Think (perhaps even twice) before creating an application

O’Reilly research has analyzed the usage patterns of Facebook applications and have come to a pretty unambiguous conclusion:

– chances are very significant that your application will be born, live and die in complete uselesssness for the bulk of the Facebook users !

The analysis revealed the following factualities:
– There are more than 5000 Facebook applications.
– There are millions and millions of active users.
– 87% of the usage only goes into only 84 applications.
– Only 45 applications have more than 100.000 active users.

Check it out: