AXIS IP Cameras SWF Streams are not loadable with recent Flash Players

Due to changes in the security settings of the Flash Player Platform its not possible to view SWF streams from AXIS IP cameras with Flash players later than Flash Player 7 effectively preventing anyone from using the build-in SWF streams of the AXIS IP cameras as is.

I therefore uninstalled my Flash Player 9, installed Flash Player 7 and then, voila… no problem loading the SWF’s directly from the cameras 🙂

Nevertheless, since the cameras are NOT shipped with a crossdomain file, and therefore does not allow the SWF to be loaded from other domains than the camera itself, there is no other option than to get a crossdomain file into the camera’s webserver’s root.
Unfortunately did a quick examination of AXIS’s Management Software for their cameras not indicate that it would be possible to access the filesystem on the camera. However, after registering that the there was a FTP server on the camera, i quickly connected through FTP and could easily browse, however I could still not write a file – so only read-access.

However, the AXIS Custom Firmware Tool allows for this, but unfortunately “AXIS Custom Firmware Tool is exclusively available for members of the Axis ADP Program”.

Therefore, I’m gonna do five things now.

1. Examine the Management Tool to see if there is an undocumented way to get access to the filesystem of the Cameras.
2. Examine if there is alternative way to access the filesystem.
3. Apply for membership of the AXIS Application Development Partner (ADP) Program.
4. Ask the vendor providing the cameras here in Denmark to add a crossdomain file to the image.
5. Ask AXIS customer support if they are planning Firmware updates addressing this issue.