ActionScript 3.0, Adobe Flex

Introducing HydraMVC…

HydraMVC is one of the most recent newcomers to the scene of Application Frameworks and Architecture Blocks for Flex Applications.
Its definitely something I’m going to check out in parallel to my love affair with the Mate Flex Framework.


HydraMVC is the result of a total rewrite of the PureMVC API exclusively for Flex, allowing Flex developers to take advantage of the PureMVC paradigm while leveraging native Flex features.

In addition to using Events vs. an independent Observer pattern, HydraMVC also streamlines implementation, encapsulating much of the initialization code that needed to be written when implementing PureMVC.

HydraMVC was written out of a love / hate relationship with PureMVC; it’s not our intent to say it’s “better” than PureMVC, because the mission of the frameworks are entirely different. PureMVC intends to be language-agnostic, where HydraMVC is a compromise by design.

While HydraMVC is an MVC framework, the demos also imply a strategy for package structure, although the implementation of HydraMVC will work regardless of whatever package structure convention you use. The goal was to create a structure that scales well for large applications, but it also allows you to quickly develop small applications in a proper MVC.