CAVE Asia went well…

CAVE Asia (Conference of Audio and Video Experts) went well… Tom was as always entertaining and delivered a power preso about the amazingly cool MAX Racer 3D game him and the other talented people on the team presented first time in LA at MAX 2010.

Still undergoing some updates and changes, the game just gets cooler and cooler.

However, I was speaking about the OSMF and how it allows developers and stakeholders to build custom media players with impressive best of breed performance combined with the usual UX level found in everywhere in the Adobe ecosystem… without a lot of effort required so we as developers can focus on cool stuff instead of writing the same Player plumbing time after time…

Anyways, here are my slides… please don’t hesitate to contact me if there are any questions or you want to get started with OSMF… it’s recommended if you find yourself having to implement a media player on your next project.