Adobe Search Engine Optimization Technology Center

Adobe has launched the Adobe Search Engine Optimization Technology Center under Adobe’s DevNet portal.
It seeks to help developers ensuring that search engines can crawl and index RIAs.

For developers building end-user RIA’s, the site is a welcome initiative which hopefully will make it more approachable to do search engine friendly RIA’s.

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SWF now supports SEO !

Adobe has provided Flash Player technology to Google and Yahoo! that allows their search spiders to navigate through a live SWF application as if they were virtual users.

Adobe is working with Google and Yahoo! to enable one of the largest fundamental improvements in web search results by making the Flash file format (SWF) a first-class citizen in searchable web content. This will increase the accuracy of web search results by enabling top search engines to understand what’s inside of RIAs and other rich web content created with Adobe Flash technology and add that relevance back to the HTML page.

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Adobe Flex

Adobe Flex : Ted Patrick and his SEO experiment

The latest shout-out from Ted regarding his experiment with doing SEO on the Flex directory caught my interest. If it was Ted’s apparent excitement I thought to be sensing when reading the first couple of lines (I should probably mention that SEO s something that normally leaves me cold) or it was the actual content that initially turned my focus to this last post about his experiments, I should not be able to say.

Anyways, read the post and judge by yourself 🙂
Exciting stuff…