Flash Catalyst Course at Lynda… by Mordy Golding

Quite frequently I get requests for tutorials and courses for Flash Catalyst… Since I haven’t been able to find the time sofar to do any publically available myself, I’m glad that Mordy Golding from Adobe has published a course based on the recent public Beta at Lynda.com.


If you are trying to work out using Flash Catalyst, I strongly recommend to go and get it… its just more than one hour and covers the basic use cases…

Check it out…


Microsoft Silverlight Training… 1st 1/2 day

Now we have completed the first half day of the Silverlight Training Course sponsored by Microsoft here in the area North of Copenhagen called Troeroed.
Struggling with the coffee machine to begin with, the course (which was facilitated and hosted by outsiders to Microsoft) is pretty OK.
Up to this point there has been no surprises, but its really interesting to see how these very skilled guys go about presenting a RIA technology…

There are some pretty cool stuff in Silverlight making it an interesting technology, either to start utilizing or either to start getting inspiration from…

Can’t wait to see how right I am inmy assumption that I will be able to port quite a number of the frameworks we have in ActionScript to Silverlight.